Features to look for in an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) for coaching institutes

With technological advancement, almost every industry is looking for an integrated & comprehensive solution implying that they want to get rid of multiple excel sheets to maintain database, keeping attendance register for students & staff and creating various groups over Whatsapp or some other platform to get the updates about batches, classes or interacting with the stakeholders.

Well, now-a-days there are multiple platforms or software for coaching institutes in India available to answer all the needs of the administration, teachers, students and parents.

As there are many options available in the market, it becomes imperative for coaching institute management to be attentive and aware of the decision that they are about to make. Keep in mind the below-mentioned points and important features while choosing an ERP solution for a coaching institute:

Know Your Institute

It’s important to know your coaching institute. You have to ask yourself if this coaching institute management software solution can tackle your current problems, manage your day-to-day operations and can help in the expansion of your business. Get some survey done from students as if they would like to have tech support to ask doubts online, chat with respective faculty member and online assignments & tests. It will help you to get the answers to your doubts.

The Basics

Find out the features offered by an ERP solution and its cloud applications and the depth of its implementation. For illustration, will it send notifications to parents about fee reminder, will it have full fee tracker or instalment tracker too, will it send notifications through SMS or push notifications, does it provide own SMS service & more.

One of the most important things to note here is to calculate the profits gained after implementing this application. You should be able to calculate how much money this software will save by the end of the year. It can be calculated through saving 4-5% of money lost or forgotten fee instalments or misplaced excel sheets.

Utilization of Application

User-interface is the most important aspect while zeroing in to institute management software. It’s a common case that developer do not make user interface friendly despite having the best and the most useful features. Thus, make sure that user-interface is friendly and eye-catchy engaging the user in the best way possible.

Significance of Platform to the Parents & Students

The end users of these applications are ultimately the students and their parents. Most software do not keep parents in the loop and hence they remain unaware of the happening at the institute and have to worry about the performance of their child. Thus, it is important to choose an application that caters to the needs of both students and parents.

Customer Management

An excellent tech support team implies that the organization behind development of the ERP solution and cloud applications is brilliant and can be approach any time providing solutions. The genuineness and quality of the team can be found out by the number of times they call to ask your feedback and number of times they pick up customer’s calls to provide the best support. It shows how dedicated the team is and how scalable this solution is.

Comprehending the needs and addressing the queries of coaching institutes, Cross Atlantic Software Pvt. Ltd. has come up with a 360 degree solution, Inclite (www.inclite.com). It is an artificial intelligence (AI) enabled ERP solution handling day-to-day operations &management of educational institutes, reducing the operational cost of the institute and augmenting the employee’s potential and organization’s efficiency as whole. This solution provides cloud applications for super admin (Director), admin (centre manager), sub-admin (counsellor) and operators (teachers, students and parents). It keeps everyone in the loop assuring that no thread of communication is broken. The purpose of creating Inclite is to reduce operational costs, expanding business and increasing revenues. To get more info about Inclite, browse www.inclite.com now.

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